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The Lies of Adam Schiff

by Tim S

Despite the partisan claims of Congressman Schiff, a huckster and conman of the first magnitude and others of his ilk, my submitted statement and testimony to the House Intelligence Committee was and is entirely accurate. I recently released text messages that absolutely establish that, as I informed the committee, now unemployed radio talk show host Randy Credico was my source regarding the significance and the October release of the WikiLeaks information, the existence of which Julian Assange had made public in June 2016 on CNN. Claims that I urged third parties to whom Credico had confided his true role to come forward in public forums and say so truthfully somehow constitute ‘witness intimidation” are ludicrous and fall well within my and their first amendment rights.

I entirely reject the contentions of Dr. Jerry Corsi, as suggested to him by prosecutors from the Special Counsel’s Office, that he was the source of any information pertaining to the WikiLeaks disclosures. In fact, Dr. Corsi predictions regarding the WikiLeaks disclosures turned out to be incorrect and based on speculation. My contention that Dr. Corsi briefed me on the Podesta brothers’ lucrative dealings in Ukraine and Russia prior to my “iconic” August 21, 2016 tweet about the brothers, is accurate and entirely supported by email and text message records. The contention that the memo he subsequently gave me regarding the Podesta brothers business dealings was some type of “cover-up” defies both logic and the written record.

Mr. Schiff is engaging in frivolous semantics, shifty word games and non-material hair-splitting in a shameless bid for partisan advantage. If Mr. Schiff has any proof that I had advance knowledge of the source or content of the allegedly hacked or stolen emails published by Wikileaks or that I received anything of the kind ,I challenge him to produce it. Just as with his previous claim to have seen substantial evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and producing none- the Congressman is full of Schiff.