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DJHJ MEDIA: SNL Goes Insane, Demonic Attack On Roger Stone And His Wife, Jokes About Gang Rape

by Tim S
Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

by Kari Donovan

Saturday Night Live has been little more than leftist propaganda for a few decades. Still, recently the show has slipped a gear and come out as a little mini mafia, complete with a murder named Alex Baldwin, and now televised threats of violence against a woman who is recovering from Cancer after watching her husband dragged through the courts and persecuted by his political opponents.

The sadists on the set enjoy the pleasure of thinking about watching a woman being gang-raped because her husband dare not agree with them politically. Cultural Marxism- the use of “popular culture” to shame and humiliate the foes of Communism.  If it can happen to Roger Stone- it can happen to any of us.

As the laugh track rolls in the background- the SNL actors said:

Trump advisor Roger Stone,” he said interrupting himself for a fake laugh to sound like the fake laugh track. “Who draws his glasses on with a sharpie,” he said sounded like a middle schooler telling a fart joke, “refused to cooperate with the committee and in the January 6th attacks, thought Stone said he would be open to sitting in the corner watching the committee take turns on his wife,” the demented actor said, reading the teleprompter, and trying to make appropriate “news card reader” facial gestures.

There really is no more of an accurate description for the clip you are about to see- than to say this dude is evil.  This actor is purely demonic. While taking up a cause for the Government’s dominance over their political foes, this guy on SNL thinks it is a joke to talk about ganging raping a woman in front of her husband- because he doesn’t cooperate with an obviously out of control government.

If you are offended by how the left has become openly demonic, consider donating to Roger Stone’s Family fund:

“Roger Stone was politically targeted in the illegitimate and illegal Mueller Witchhunt because of his long personal and political relationship with President Donald Trump.

Roger Stone’s home was raided in the pre-dawn by 29 heavily armed FBI Agents with a CNN camera crew in tow. Roger Stone was vilified, smeared, threatened, terrorized, pressured to lie against the president, gagged, legally lynched in a Soviet style show trial in Washington DC, censored, deplatformed and ultimately vindicated and pardoned by the President

This two-year jihad left Roger Stone and his wife Nydia battered, exhausted and nearly bankrupt.

Now Roger Stone must defend himself and his wife from a baseless Biden DOJ civil suit falsely implying Roger and his wife have evaded taxes as well as 13 other completely groundless civil harassment lawsuits.

Only months ago Roger Stone’s wife Nydia was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Now Roger and Nydia Stone urgently need your help to support their family, finance his legal defense against these politically motivated harassment lawsuits and to pay for Nydia Stone’s alternative Cancer treatment regimen.”

Stone’s Family Fund 

Watch if you can stomach this bizarre filthy act:

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