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By Roger Stone

It is with much relief to hear that Senator John McCain is back in the senate after his brain surgery.  The speed of his recuperation is amazing for anyone, especially a man of his 80 years.  Although we were saddened and concerned when the announcement told us of his medical issues, we continue to hold the opinion that Senator McCain is not only a thorn in President Trump’s side, but a hypocrite and back stabber as well.  Harsh words?  Let’s take a look at what the problem with McCain is.

Firstly, it should be no secret that McCain harbors a deep jealous contempt for President Trump for winning the votes of his party.  McCain has tried for years to get that honor.  McCain feels he’s more qualified to be the leader of the free world, he feels he’s more presidential than Mr. Trump and he made his point perfectly clear when he announced that he would not be attending the Republican National Convention in April of 2016.

McCain is revered by many republicans for his honesty and maverick opinions and ideals.  So when John McCain publicly disrespects the President-elect it reveals a weak and divided  GOP.  Yet McCain has stated several times how Trump is hurting the GOP brand and more recently that Obama was better than Trump “as far as American leadership was concerned.”   McCain and Trump have been trading verbal jabs, both private and public since early 2015.  For a detailed list of these criticisms you can follow the link.

There are much more serious concerns over John McCain than his disrespect and lack of loyalty to his president.


Back in May, it was McCain who called for creating a special congressional committee to investigate whether Trump had colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.  “Removal of Director Comey only confirms need for select committee to investigate”  McCain tweeted.  These were serious charges as we know.

What shows McCain’s backstabbing hatred for Trump and the level of  his viscous hypocrisy is that unbeknownst at that time, it was John McCain who  practically started this whole Trump/ Russian collusion thing in the first place.  What’s is now known fact is that  McCain deliberately passed a dossier on Trump/Russia collusion to the FBI which he new to be a complete fake.

As far back as January 17, 2017 McCain said on Fox & Friends  “The fact that this un-validated document, to say the least was leaked -it’s somebody’s responsibility.”  “The very fact that it was leaked, one, is a commentary on this town,” he said.  “Second, [It is]  totally wrong to have that out.”  “It is an un-validated document that is damning out there among the American public without any validation whatsoever. And so it’s harmful to the president of the United States.”  Sounds to me like he’s defending the president.  Calling for a congressional investigation one minute and denouncing the leaked dossier the next reveals his plan to discredit and possibly impeach President Trump.  It shows what a deranged and bitter man McCain really is.  Sore loser anybody?  It gets worse.


New details from a related lawsuit show how David Kramer—employed by the nonprofit and purportedly non-political McCain Institute—acted as a representative of McCain in the Arizona senator’s dealings on sensitive intelligence measures. It also reveals that McCain was one of a just few people with whom the dossier’s author, ex-British spy Christopher Steele, shared a copy of his final findings.  The dossier was prepared by Steele in December 2016 from work he had done for Fusion GPS, a consulting firm paid by anti Trump Republicans and by Hillary Clinton supporters to create evidence of Trump’s alleged financial and political ties to Russia.

It amounted to a collection of uncorroborated reports of collusion gathered as political research for sale to Trump’s opponents.  Former British ambassador to Moscow Sir Andrew Wood admitted to discussing the dossier with McCain who then obtained it through other channels.   The”other channels” turns out to be David Kramer and according to the lawsuit “arranged to meet with Sir Andrew, as the representative of Senator McCain in order to show him the pre-election memorandum on a confidential basis.”

The court document goes on to show that it was Sir Andrew Wood’s understanding that “the Trump dossier would only be used by Senator McCain in his official capacity for the sole purpose of analyzing, investigating, and verifying their contents.”  So what did the good senator do?   He gives it to FBI Director Comey who then starts an investigation into Russian collusion.  I guess McCain forgot to mention that the dossier was fabricated by an ex British spy funded by Clinton supporters and anti Trump Republicans.  It gets even worse.  The same foreign lobbyists and Russians tied to the Trump probe were once associated to Senator John McCain when he ran for president. 


McCain’s situation involved the same foreign lobbyist Paul Manafort; one of the same Russian oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska; the same Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak, and the same wily Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, that are being investigated in the Trump probe.  The only real difference in the two cases is that the FBI has said there is no evidence to date that Trump ever met with a Russian figure banned from the United States.  McCain actually met with Deripaska, a Russian businessman whose visa was blocked by the US because of concerns by the Intelligence Community over his ties to Moscow.  McCain was warned by US Intelligence about these connections.

McCain met with Deripaska on two occasions.  The meetings were set up by Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Davis.  Davis would later become McCain’s campaign manager.  .“My sense is that Davis and Manafort, who were already doing pro-Putin work against American national interests, were using potential meetings with McCain — who didn’t know this and neither did we until after the fact — as bait to secure more rubles from the oligarchs,” John Weaver, one of McCain’s top advisers at the time, told Circa in an interview this month.

While McCain was loudly pressing for a Trump investigation he was keeping quiet about his own ties to those who sought Russian influence in America.   McCain has stated in his own defense that in giving the (fake) dossier to Comey, he was doing what he thought was the right thing.  “Liar” I say.  He knew that if he gave it to Comey then an investigation would eventually happen.

We’re glad that McCain is back at work.  It would have been a shame if we lost him.  As it is now, there is still time to drag his ass in front of the inquisitors and expose him for what he really is, a bitter, resentful, backstabbing, manipulator whose time is almost up.





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