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Roger Stone Vindicated Again: “Obamagate Is Far Bigger Than Watergate” [VIDEO]

by Tim S

by Roger Stone

Remember last week when the leftist mainstream-lapdog media started putting out stories about how Roger Stone and Don Jr. had escaped some charges at the hands of Robert Mueller? Newsweek, Washington Examiner, and Buzzfeed – along with posters on social media all carried the news that Mueller had allowed Trump and Stone to escape.

But what was really going on? It appears to be the MSM running ahead of a new John Durham report, which exposed that Stone was right in his claims about Trump’s alleged involvement with Russia. Stone said a cyber security firm called “Crowdstrike” made flimsy and partisan claims against Trump because he was a Republican.

Stone reacted to the Mueller report “news”  on his Instagram page. With an iconic ‘Stone response’ saying that the new Robert Mueller report was a rehash of an old report:

“I am convinced they put these stories about me out to blunt the news that they have been caught red-handed spying on Trump. That report is simply a recycling of the DOJ disclosure on November 3, 2020, in which Mueller’s long-hidden redacted secret report admitted that he had “no factual evidence” against me regarding the alleged hack of the DNC by the Russians,” Roger Stone told me about the lapdog media’s reporting.

I quickly picked up what the left was trying to do, when it happened, and wrote about that here:

That was all Kabuki theater by the left. The revelation was that Hillary Clinton, Crowdstrike and Marc Elias were stone-cold- busted.

Citing an interview with Dmitri Alperovitch, the “co-founder and former chief technology officer of the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike,” Yahoo noted that the data referenced by Durham might “rais[e] some potentially troubling questions about the use of nonpublic government data for political purposes.”

A handful of hours later after the MSM fake news about a pretend new Mueller report- we got the word that there was a new report from John Durham. It was explosive- so let that be a lesson for us all on how the propagandists work.

This is what they didn’t want you to hear or read. Stone’s reaction to the new John Durham report. Here it is:

“This is the single abuse of power in the history of the United States.  We have proof that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden used the full power of the US to spy on the republican candidate for PResident and the President of the United States. And I was around during Watergate.  This will touch John Brennan CIA and FBI director FBI.  It reaches the highest level of government.  This ruined my life.  Do we have a two-tiered system of justice?  It is espionage against the government and by the government.  We call it the deep state.  There is a permanent buracracy and Donald Trump’s presidency challenged that,” Roger Stone told Stew Peters.

Stone reacted and called out the Clinton-Obama Espionage Crime of the Century with show host Stew Peters Watch:

Stone also appeared on InfoWars to talk to Alex Jones about the crimes that amount to treason committed by numerous people in the government.

“Obamagate makes Watergate look like small potatoes,” Stone said.  “There is only a small number of outlets who are covering this story.”

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Kevin Beck February 19, 2022 - 7:36 pm

To quote the deplorable Carl Bernstein: “This is much worse than Watergate.” Except the fool thinks it was supposedly illegal activity by Roger Stone and the Trump family that was the problem issue. That’s the part he always gets wrong. But since he was a one-trick pony, he has to compare everything to Watergate. Everything.

And it should also be emphasized that Watergate was also exposed by a Deep State mole.

Roger Stone Vindicated Again: “Obamagate Is Far Bigger Than Watergate” [VIDEO] – TAKIN' IT BACK April 28, 2022 - 8:42 pm

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