by Tim S
Roger Stone
(By Saint John Hunt)

CNN and MSNBC should rename their “news” shows. I say this because they have a singular purpose and it has nothing to do with news. I used to watch those stations but they’ve become more like Fantasy Island than a news service. I would rather they rename their shows so as not confuse people who actually want the news. Maybe “the Dump on Trump Hour” would be a good name change. They must believe that old saying, “If you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes a fact.” Who’s running the show over there? Those “reporters” act as if making stuff up and bringing in guests to talk about it is an evolutionary step that warrants serious attention. Well, it’s not.

I place news hosts in the same league as Robo the robotic vacuum cleaner. Does anybody want Robo to start giving advice as he sweeps around the room? Hell no! Shut up and suck that dirt. Same as those folks over there at CNN and MSNBC. Since when are we interested in their opinion? Their job is to report the news and let us, the audience make our own opinions. Just because someone sits at a desk all day and reads a teleprompter doesn’t make them intelligent. It makes them good at reading a teleprompter and that’s it. If I want to hear an opinion I’ll listen to a William F Buckley or a Noam Chomsky. It’s like this folks, just because someone sells telescopes all day doesn’t make them an astrophysicist. If I want an opinion about deep space I’ll ask Neil deGrasse Tyson.

There have been a few actual newsworthy items that those “news” shows have overlooked. Here’s one: As the campaign to bring charges of obstruction of justice against President Trump fails to find one single bit of evidence there is more than enough evidence to require a new investigation into another politician. Can you guess? Why it’s Hillary Clinton of course. Here’s the scoop. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman Chuck Grassley, has launched a new investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! If you weren’t aware of that it might just be because most of the “news” services like CNN and MSNBC don’t have time to report on something real. They’re too busy trying to pass their opinions as “news.”

Last May, it was reported that during her time as sec. of state, Hillary Clinton sent top U.S. diplomats to pressure Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to stop her corruption investigation of Muhammad Yunus, a Clinton Foundation donor and close friend of the Clintons. Yunus at the time was managing director of the state-owned Bangladesh Bank The State Department officials sent by Hillary threatened Sajeeb Wazed, the son of Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina with a tax audit if he failed to get his mother to drop the Yunus investigation. “They threatened me with the possibility of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service,” Wazed said. “They would say repeatedly, ‘Yunus has powerful friends’ and we all knew they were talking of Secretary Clinton. Everybody knew it was Mrs. Clinton.” “Furthermore, he was told by these same officials that Yunus was communicating with Secretary Clinton and her staff for assistance and, in turn, Secretary Clinton’s staff put pressure on the Embassy in Bangladesh to intercede on Yunus’ behalf.” Wazed has lived in the U.S. for seventeen years.

In 2011 Yunus was stripped of his directorship of the state owned Grameen Bank for gross financial mismanagement and his failed loan program supposedly aimed at lifting poor Bangladesh women out of poverty with micro loans. With high interest rates and payback schedules, some women were driven to suicide. Yunus diverted up to $100 million intended for Grameen Bank to his other organization and donated between $100,000-$250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative and $25,000-$50,000 to the Clinton foundation. Yunus eventually did return most of the money but the damage had been done. As an investigation was launched, he reached out to Hillary Clinton for help in stopping the investigation. She sent Deputy Chief of Mission to Bangladesh Jon Danilowicz who threatened Wazed with the IRS tax audit.

An investigation into Hillary’s attempt at obstruction of a foreign government’s judicial process is just the latest of many probes and investigations into Hillary Clinton. While the collusion with the Russians has been debunked, and there is and never was anything which could bring charges of obstruction against Trump, it is the Democrats own presidential hopeful, shining example and sore loser of all time, Hillary Clinton that is under investigation. They don’t need 1 year and a half to find evidence of obstruction with Hillary, it’s right there on top, if, the “news personas” would just report the news and not grace us with opinions of matters of which they have no firsthand knowledge.




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