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Fake News for A Fake Scandal: The Definitive Guide to Russian Collusion Hoaxes

by Tim S
Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

Now halfway into the 2nd year of the Trump presidency it is clear that what seemed to be a severe national hissy fit being thrown by bitterly-defeated leftist Democrats after the 2016 election, gradually morphing into a chronic collective temper tantrum, has in fact turned out to be one of the most severe cases of mass psychosis in modern history.

This all-too-real mental derangement is manifested in seething, unhinged, pathological rage that has utterly consumed the entire Democrat party and countless authoritarian leftist malcontents across America, who have literally lost their minds thanks to Donald Trump’s stunning victory. Their inability to control or contain it, even as it is becomes their steady undoing on a national scale, only makes it that much more disturbing.

The Democrat party’s legion of arrogant simple-minded fake news media propagandists have only made matters worse for their fellow traveler politicians. No matter how badly their clumsy, malignant subversions are backfiring in their faces (the Russian collusion hoax being Exhibit A), no matter how sloppy, desperate and even absurd their ham-handed manipulations have become, apparently they will simply never cease their vicious crusade to inflict malicious harm on and, if possible, destroy the lives of their political opponents.

President Trump’s strongest supporters and closest allies have the misfortune of being the central targets of their psychotic obsession and their most vile, degenerate misbehavior. In one sense it is a badge of honor to be a target of the seditious American left. But it is also a serious challenge to live a normal life at the top of their political kill list. Life as a highly-prized, ruthlessly-hunted target of a rage-driven leftist Democrat/corporate media/deep state lynch mob is no picnic.

Just these last 10 days, the usual cast of fake news jackals set to work deceitfully spinning my own voluntary revelation of a long-forgotten, effectively-pointless encounter almost two years ago with a bizarre individual who used the  alias “Henry Greenberg”, and claimed he had information relevant to the presidential race.

“Greenberg”, whose real name turned out to be Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov, solicited a meeting with me through my longtime colleague and fellow diehard Trump loyalist Michael Caputo.

I took the meeting. It barely lasted 20 minutes before I walked out, having neither given nor received anything whatsoever from Vostretsov, who I never saw or talked to again. My sole comment after the meeting was to text Michael Caputo that it had been waste of time. We never discussed it again.

Until a few weeks ago, I had not even recalled having the meeting, given that it was the only contact I have ever had with Vostretsov and the result was zilch.

Vostretsov’s Russian nationality was of no consequence at the time of the meeting and is of no consequence today, EXCEPT in how it has conveniently created yet another fake news cycle opportunity wherein the media lynch mob could screech for awhile about how a “Trump ally met with a Russian!!!!”

(In case you missed the memo, apparently now it is a crime just to meet with anyone even remotely Russian. Same goes for considering any offer of opposition research….it’s all ILLEGAL, no??).

My short-lived one-off meeting with Vostretsov is of no relevance to anything or anyone outside of the fake news unreality that is the Russian collusion delusion world.

Just because Democrats and the media cooked up this hoax to sustain their perpetual campaign of public disinformation and personal destruction doesn’t mean sane people have to buy into it.

There is no dispute that the meeting with Vostretsov was a non-starter and I summarily walked away from any involvement with him. The substance of the meeting (or more accurately the lack thereof) is 100% exculpatory of me.

Beyond this, no one has the slightest obligation to entertain or otherwise indulge this Russian collusion madness merely because some cabal of Democrat spinmeisters and their media whores are consumed with chasing their own hoax and dragging the world along with them.

Clearly this cabal is willing to twist any and every conceivable circumstance however it suits their mania to persecute any Trump allies they can. Their attempts to frame and defame their political opponents are, frankly, pure rubbish, along with their histrionic chest-beating in favor of their sleazy objectives.

This story, however, does have a real bombshell. It is not that Vostretsov is a Russian national but that he was an FBI informant for at least 17 years prior to the time he solicited a meeting with me.

Even more explosive is Vostrestov’s extensive criminal history, including violent crimes that landed him serious prison time in both Russia (10 years) and the United States.

The bombshell becomes nuclear when one considers how Vostretsov’s criminal past would have excluded him from ever being in the United States at the time he tried to lure me into purchasing campaign intelligence, unless he had some sort of U.S. government dispensation…such as is given only to criminal informants who are doing the bidding of their FBI patrons and handlers.

These extremely-relevant details, however, have quite deceitfully been either omitted or glossed over by the leftist media megaphonies, in a brazenly-deceitful attempt to re-cast a nothing-nowhere one-time meeting I had over two years ago as some sort of puzzle piece in their disintegrating Russian collusion hoax.

Leftstream media manipulators have purposefully disregarded the most relevant and revealing facts in order to dishonestly reduce their reporting to: “Stone met with a Russian!!!”

Incredible detail and documentation about Vostretsov’s murky past and his decades of work as an FBI stooge may be found at the website democratdossier.org

Now the FBI is righteously under massive fire for its unprecedented, undeniable politicization and abuse of its extraordinary law enforcement powers in order to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution, despite her clear cut crimes, while conspiring to frame Donald Trump and those around him with this bogus Russian collusion rap that the kill-Trump media have been gleefully peddling for nearly two years now.

From democratdossier.org:

In a remarkable 2015 court affidavit (attached), Vostretsov admitted that he is FBI informant who worked for the agency for more than 17 years. He appears to have traded information about criminal activity for temporary visas provided to him by the FBI. We were able to collect 14 different Significant Public Benefit Parole (SPBP) documents allowing him to enter the US. This type of visa waiver is made available to international persons participating in a law enforcement action as an informant. The steady flow of these special waivers, with upgrades like multi-entry status and extensions, indicate his involvement and success in FBI informant projects. While Vostretsov claimed in the 2015 affidavit he sent to an immigration judge that he stopped working for the FBI that year, it would be safe to assume that if a criminal alien with his immigration background is still in the US today, he is only here with the support from the US government and is still working with the FBI.”

So, to summarize: in May 2016 a person using the alias Henry Greenberg solicited a meeting with me, claiming they had information of importance to the presidential race. When I met with this person (who incidentally dressed up like a Trump campaign volunteer) he made no mention of Russia or Russian affairs and said he wanted $2M for what he had and, further, that he expected it would be paid for not by me but by Donald Trump himself.

I immediately suspected this was some sort of shakedown and told the person I was not interested, ending the meeting barely 20 minutes after it began. I never had any contact with this person again.

Two years later, this individual’s name comes up, again via my colleague Michael Caputo, and I was reminded of this brief, one-off meeting, so wasteful of my time and pointless, from my view, that I never even recalled it.  But then this is the case with 100’s upon 100’s of glancing encounters I’ve had with strangers over the course of a nearly two-year presidential campaign, not to mention my other professional and personal pursuits, from filming a documentary to writing multiple books to organizing efforts to beat back the establishment GOP machinations against Trump in the lead-up to the convention.

I most certainly had not thought at the time of the meeting that is was anything in the same universe as doing business with a “Russian”, as opposed to being solicited by some random grifter whom I knew little about, either before or after the meeting, and from whom nothing came but a total waste of my time.

Once I recalled this meeting and pieced it together as something far more sinister than I had ever thought, with far greater implications than merely a glancing contact with some shakedown artist, I notified the House Intelligence Committee, and the information was simultaneously provided to the Washington Post.

A normal, rational, objective observer would conclude from all this that 2 years ago, in the midst of a whirlwind presidential campaign, I had a single 20-minute meeting with a random con man who used an alias, who may have been Russian, and about whom I knew literally nothing else.

Further, the meeting produced literally nothing, I took no further action, there was no further contact and I had no further thought about or even recall of it until the individual’s name came up recently and took onfar  greater dimension once we pieced together what was really going on (an attempted FBI set-up), after which I reported the truth about Mr. Vostrestov’s (that he was yet another FBI “lure”) to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

Seems pretty simple, yes?

Well, not according to the Clinton-Obama leftist media juggernaut, which not only spun this meeting as ‘another contact with Russia by a Trump loyalist’, but even twisted my own pro-active revelation of it into some sort of proof that I had lied previously. Some of the more brazen propagandists went so far as to misportray my voluntary disclosure as a murky scheme to somehow conceal (in plain sight, no less) long-absent proof they so far have had to manufacture as they go, in order to prop up their Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Predictably, the most nasty, malicious and pathologically-deceitful partisan media manipulators, epitomized by the glib, shifty leftist ambulance chaser and wannabe Watergate hero narrative flamekeeper Ariel Melber, immediately set about spouting their sanitized half-truth version of this story out of the usual Clinton-Obama propaganda defamation outlets, like MSNBC.

A full complement of fake news artists seized on my revelation of this incident as yet another cheap opportunity to mislead their audiences and, yet again, fire up their tired, repetitious false narrative, based solely on the same manipulative insinuations and factual distortions they have used before in an attempt to cast me as having somehow engaged in some sinister conspiracy.

These media hyenas will never miss a chance to peddle their fabricated version of reality, even where it completely flies in the face of demonstrable facts (unless, of course, you have the clairvoyance to read between the lines, aided by a giant pair of leftist lunatic lenses.)

Rather than highlight that I walked away from this meeting after maybe 20 minutes, never looking back, taking no action to avail myself of what was offered or even to pass it along to anyone in the Trump Campaign to pursue, Melber and his fake news wannabes twisted their coverage of it into a 10 minute roundtable spouting off ways in which they think I have somehow lied, not been fully honest or am a Soviet spy.

Naturally they simply ignored, or summarily dismissed as mere speculation and a ploy on my part, the most relevant data point of all — that “Mr. Greenberg” turned out to be a 17-year FBI informant, who just so happened to be inspired in May 2016, of all times, to approach someone close to Donald Trump to sell information he supposedly had.

Returning to Melber and his stunted panel of forgettable nobodies looking for their 15 minutes of fame, these bullshitters epitomize the dishonesty and unhinged animus I described above.  These are cheap partisan propagandists who do not report news or analyze facts or illuminate their audience with insights, but instead manipulate data points and spin the conclusions that suit their partisan orthodoxy.

Were it not for the Russian collusion hoax, what ever would the likes of Melber and his fellow dreck peddlers do to fill their airtime? Perhaps when the witch hunt is finally exhausted and their fake scandal finally falls apart, and I continue to walk the earth a free man, Ari Melber will have the opportunity to go out and get a real job and do some real work, rather than further pollute the world with his phony malicious propaganda.

I know beyond question that it is the absolute, unalterable operating premise of leftist lynch mobsters in anything and everything they either say, write, report or do concerning me that NOTHING that I say, or have ever said, will not be automatically presumed to be a lie, and that NOTHING I do, or have ever done, even in the most mundane and transparent of day-to-day activities, will not automatically be construed as some sort of criminal act or part of some larger criminal conspiracy (i.e. anything and everything I do or say is, per the jackass media manipulators, RUSSIAN COLLUSION!!!!).

No matter what is said, no matter what facts come to light, no matter how many defamatory leftist fabrications about me are serially and conclusively debunked, no matter how consistently my statements all along are subsequently validated as truthful and correct…none of it matters because deceitful leftist attackbots and cheap Democrat propagandists will cherry-pick, parse or otherwise manipulate the facts and twist my statements to cast me as a suspicious villain.

No amount of debunking of their defamatory hoax-peddling spin and lies will dissuade them from persisting in their deceitful malpractice and their continued pollution of the airwaves and print outlets with their wildly-false, reckless, baseless allegations and defamatory suspicion-manufacturing. This is just the bottom line with these news fakers.

From the moment they first hatched their cynical, vindictive partisan charade against the American people (and sanity generally), almost 2 years ago, the leftist Democrats’ sleazy Russian collusion hoax peddlers, along with their fake news media collaborators, have been nothing if not consistent.

In their spastic mania to prop up and prolong their Trump-Russia collusion fantasy they have proven themselves consistently deceitful, consistently manipulative, and consistently consumed with propagating and perpetuating a pure fiction they know damn well is not simply erroneous or exaggerated, but in fact is a complete and total fabrication, unparalleled in the amount of wanton malevolence that is behind it.

Underhanded and calculating as the leftist Democrats’ manufactured torrent of breathless sensationalism, phony outrage and fake news recycling may be, these political bunco artists are not fooling anyone, at least who has an iota of common sense and rational discernment.

In fact, I doubt that the Russian collusion hoax is genuinely believed even by many of the vicious profane malcontents who lap up this sort of leftist sewage and hatefully spew it anywhere and everywhere possible, from social media to the family dinner table.

Of course, leftist Democrats and the Trump-hating national media are far too arrogant and self-serving to limit their deceitful machinations to merely concocting and proliferating a cynical treason hoax as a partisan weapon to take down a duly-elected President of the United States. No, they must also be able to cast their seditious skullduggery as some sort of high holy public service, saving America from itself by torpedoing the hated president it had the gall to elect.

[It is precisely this variety of boundlessly hypocritical self-regard that pretty much sums up the leftist attitude towards everything they do in their ceaseless lust to seize and wield supreme power.]

Back in reality, no one with even half of a functioning brain buys this patently-absurd notion that preening partisan pygmies from the megalomaniacal left actually give a rat’s ass about serving the public interest or preserving the sanctity of our Republic.

Only the left’s most repulsive partisan parasites (see e.g. Adam Schiff; Eric Swalwell) and deceitful media propagandists (see e.g. Ari Melber; Don Lemon; MSNBC; CNN; NY Times; WaPo….too many to possibly list) actually seem to believe there is some high holy civic purpose behind their endlessly-malicious, pathologically-dishonest scheming to frame, shame and defame President Donald Trump.

It would take a truly-mindless hoaxster to think they are somehow serving their country by conspiring to give constant false cover and perverted quasi-legitimacy to a lawless corrupt bureaucratic hit squad of Trump-hating Hillarybot lawyers and power-crazed federal bullies set loose, like a pack of rabid hyenas, to gleefully wage a ruthless legal jihad against President Trump, his family members, staff, political associates, loyal longtime supporters and anyone even marginally connected to his amazing 2016 victory and his (so far) stunningly- successful presidency.

Even the seditious trash perpetrating this Russia collusion scam know all too well what Trump’s presidency and, above all, his singular leadership portend for the continued survival of the undeserved power and illegitimate control that these lowlife self-dealing elites consider to be theirs by divine right. (Suffice to say, it is not a pretty picture for them.)

The bottom line is that Russian collusion hoaxsters serve no higher or more noble purpose than to exact malicious petty revenge on the hated Trump and his allies, and fraudulently undo the epic smackdown that America handed them and their corrupt fellow swamp dwellers in November 2016 — once and for all smiting the repulsive amoral witch their party has in the greedy self-entitled criminal hag Hillary Clinton.

Whether the Russia collusion hoaxsters like it or not, whatever minuscule shards of credibility, believability and basic dignity they might have once had long ago vaporized into their own toxic smoke-and-mirrors shit cloud of seething partisan malevolence and brazen underhanded deceit.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of scoundrels…

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