by Tim S
Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

by Roger Stone

A video filmed in Maitland, Florida, captured buses of Hispanic illegal aliens being dropped off in front of an Extended Stay hotel where they are being given pre loaded credit cards, free hotel rooms, and clothing all at the US taxpayer’s expense! 

Why are illegal aliens being bussed into Florida? Where is Governor DeSantis? I thought DeSantis said any illegals bussed or flown into Florida would be immediately deported to Biden’s home state of Delaware?

How many of these illegals are rapists, criminals, or terrorists who will commit crimes in Florida?

There is no evidence that they have even been tested for Covid-19! Where is the outrage from those who demand everyone be boosted and tested?

While DeSantis promised that any illegals sent to Florida would be seized and sent to Delaware or California, the home state of vice president Kamala Harris. This proved to be a popular line in his public appearances, but his failure to take action his promise will undermine not only his 2022 re-election bid, but any bid for the presidency in the future.

It is time for Governor Ron DeSantis to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. We are already aware of late night flights coming into Jacksonville Florida after hours and unloading hundreds of Afghani refugees, at least one of which went on to murder a US citizen.

Further complicating matter for Governor Ron DeSantis, a new report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement proves that Gregory Tony, the Sheriff he appointed in Broward county. lied to authorities about his past indictments for murder and drug dealing in Philadelphia. He has a host of other issues including speeding tickets. So far the governor’s only response has been that he will, “review the matter.”

You can read the full Investigative Summary by the Office of Executive Investigations here.

Your move, Governor.

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